Tunnel Hustle & Rainforest Adventure

After pickup, begin your tour in central Barbados, deep beneath the earth’s surface at Harrison’s Cave. 

During the guided tram tour, gaze at ceilings studded with stalactite-icicles and gravity-defying stalagmites growing upward from the ground.

As you hear gurgling streams and pass by smooth glassy pools of water, learn about the cave network snaking for at least 1.4 miles (2 km), which thwarted expeditions and remained mostly unexplored until 1970.

Bring a hat to catch the overhead drips and wear comfortable shoes so you can take a walk around the cave and its pools.

Next you hop back aboard the luxury van / coach and roll on over to Hunte's Gardens.
Hunte's Gardens, centrally located in lush hills of St. Joseph's, are conveniently accessible from all around Barbados.

Their placement is really most unusual - in the center of Barbados' rain forest, in a sink-hole-like gully.

Thanks to such interesting location, the tour offers a multi-dimensional experience, with vigorous plants densely growing on many levels - from sunny and open spaces, down to a mysterious, dark heart of real Caribbean jungle.

Not to mention, if you’re fortunate you can see the Green Monkeys that frequent Hunte’s Gardens and all of the other small animals that call this tropical rainforest their home.

This is indeed the Nature-Lover's dream tour.

Average time : 4 hrs
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    Tour Highlights:

    - Harrison’s Cave
    - Spelunking in the heart of Barbados
    - Hunte’s Gardens
    - See Fauna and Flora Native to Barbados

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